Vepsian literature in the Internet.

Till now, only a few texts in Vepsian could be found in WWW. We are about to launch a small, but very useful and required project, which, hopefully, will somehow fill a gap in this deficiency. We will publish on our pages both dialectal texts and pieces of literature written in modern literary language.

Texts in Vepsian from the newspaper “Kodima” can be found here.

Please note that texts in Vepsian, which can be found on other sites, still can be reached from our link’s page.




Short folk songs (ditties on topical, humorous or lyrical themes) from "Lühüdad pajoižed" (an anthology edited by R. Lonin and published in Petrozavodsk.)




Poems by Nicolai Abramov

Igor Brodski. Todesine ižand

Igor Brodski. Suomalaine te

Igor Brodski. Keväz'pajo


Other articles


Nina Zaitseva: Vepsän kirjkelen problemad: olem-ik surmankündusel? (The Problems of the Vepsian literary language: is our language dying?)