This dictionary presents the literary Vepsian language based on the central dialect; a linguistical commission in Petroskoi, Karelia, in 1989 - 1991, elaborated its phonetical and morphological principles. Absence of such a dictionary decreased interest in our language among those students and researchers who do not have a complete command of Russian, Estonian, or Finnish. 

    All Vepsian headwords are entered in alphabetical order. Immutable parts of the words are separated from changeable parts by vertical lines, for instance: ezmä|ine, joks|ta, keito|z.

   Headwords are followed by brackets containing word-formative elements:

    - (Dash) substitutes the part of a headword separated by a vertical line, for instance: aj|ada (-ab, -oi) - read: ajada, ajoi; paim|en (-nen, -ent, -nid) - read: paimen, paimnen, paiment, paimnid.

    If the headword (noun) is used only in the plural, then it is followed only by the Partitive case in the plural;

    If the Past Imperfect form coincides with the immutable part of a verb, then the headword is followed only by the third person' form of the Present tense in singular, for instance: tahtoi|da (-b) - read: tahtoida, tahtoib, tahtoi; voi|da (-b) - read: voida, voib, voi;

     Parts of composite words are separated by doubled vertical lines: sarak||lind, mod||polišk.

    Our main goal is to acquaint you with the language's basic word stock. Off course, the vocabulary will be continually replenished.  

    2001.05.19 We decided to divide the dictionary in two parts.

A - K                           L - Ö