L - Ö


labid (-on, -oid) - shovel, spade

lač (-un, -uid) - tub

lamb|az (-han, -ast, -hid) - lamb

lan|geta (-kteb, -ksi) - to fall

lapak (-on, -oid) - 1. flat, plane; 2. sloping

la|ps' (-psen, -st, -psid) - child

laske - let (it be)

lašk (-an, -oid) - lazy

lauč (-an, -oid) - bench

laud (-an, -oid) - 1. board, planck; 2. table

lauk (-an, -oid) - shop

lav|a (-an, -oid) - floor (for instance, in a room)

lebai|tas (-dase, -žihe) - to rest

lebu (-n, -id) - rest

lehm (-än, -id) - cow

lehtik (-on, -oid) - copybook

lehte|z (-sen, -st, -sid) - 1. leaf; 2. newspaper

leib (-än, -id) - bread

lep (-an, -oid) - alder

le|ta (-ndab, -nzi) - 1. to lift; 2. to fly

let|e (-ken, -et, -kid) - sand

leved (-an, -oid) - wide, broad

libed (-an, -oid) - 1. slippery; 2. dear, sweet

libu|da (-b, -i) - to rise

libut|ada (-ab, -i) - to lift, raise, to pick up

lidn (-an, -oid) - sity, town

liha (-n, -d) - meat

lik|kuda (-ub, -ui) - to move

likund (-an, -oid) - movement

lind (-un, -uid) - bird

lin|dä (-neb, -ni) - to become (governs Translative)

lip|az (-han, -ast, -hid) - box, chest, trunk

liža|ta (-dab, -zi) - to add

longi (-n, -d) - dinner

lop (-un, -uid) - end

lu (-n, -id) - bone

luge|da (-b, -i) - 1. to read; 2. to count, compute

lugend (-an, -oid) - reading, reading-matter

lugu (-n, -id) - 1. number, digit; 2. counting

lujas adv very

luk|kol (-lon, -loid) - lock

lum|i (-en) - snow

luzik (-an, -oid) - spoon

lühüd (-an, -oid) - short

läbi preposition or postposition through; usage: alone; läbi + noun (numeral, adj., pronoun) in Inessive; noun (numeral, adj., pronoun) in Genitive + läbi: kastuda läbi to get wet through; läbi seinäs through the wall; mecan läbi through the forest; ön läbi all the night

lä|htta (-hteb, -ksi) - to leave, to go away

lämbit|ada (-ab, -i) - 1. to warm, heat; 2. to keep smth going

lämoi (-n, -d) - fire

lä|m' (-män, -mid) - warm

läz preposition near; usage: läz + noun (numeral, adj., pronoun) in Partitive; läz pertid near the house

löc (-un, -uid) - frog

lö|da (-b, -i) - to strike, to beat

löu|ta (-dab, -zi) - to find


ma (-n, -id) - 1. earth, soil, ground; 2. land, country

madal (-an, -oid) - 1. low; 2. shallow

maga|ta (-dab, -zi) - to sleep

maged (-an, -oid) - sweet adv

maguka|z (-han, -st, -hid) - tasty

maht|ta (-ab, -oi) - to be able to, can, know how

maid (-on, -oid) - milk

manzika|ine (-ižen, -št, -ižid) - strawberry

marj (-an, -oid) - berry

mec (-an, -oid) - forest

mec||kan|a (-an, -oid) - partridge

me|l' (-len, -l't, -lid) - 1. mind, intellect; 2. mood, frame of mind

mel|a (-an, -oid) - oar, scull

melet|ada (-ab, -i) - to think

me|z' (-hen, -st, -hid) - man

me|zi (-den, -t, -zid) - honey

mi - what

midä - what (Partitive)

mikš - why

minä - I, me

miše conjunction - that

mi|tte (-ččen, -ttušt, -ččid) -what sort of; what

mod (-on, -oid) - face

muču|ine (-ižen, -št, -ižid) - small

muga - like this/that, in such a way, thus, so

mugo|ine (-ižen, -št, -ižid) - such

muite - otherwise

muju (-n, -id) - 1. colour; 2. paint

mujut|ada (-ab, -i) - 1. to colour; 2. to paint

muju||pirdi|m (-men, -nt, -mid) - colour pencil

mun|a (-an, -id) - egg

murašk (-on, -oid) - cloudberry

murg|in (-n'an, -int, -nid) - breakfast

must (-an, -oid) - black

mustika|ine (-ižen, -št, -ižid) - bilberry

mušt|ta (-ab, -oi) - to remember, bear/keep in mind

mäg|i (-en, -id) - mountain

män|da (-eb, -i) - to go

märg (-an, -id) - wet, damp

mö - we

mö|da (-b, -i) - to sell

möhä adv - late

möst - again, once again, once more, anew

nacein - maybe

nagl (-an, -oid) - nail

nagr|da (-ab, -oi) - to laugh

nahk (-an, -oid) - skin, hide, leather, pelt

naku - here

nave|t't'a (-dib, -di) - to like

nece - this

neda|l' (-lin, -l't, -lid) - week

negl (-an, -oid) - needle

neglik (-on, -oid) - hedgehog

neičuka|ine (-ižen, -št, -ižid) - (little) girl

nei|žne (-čen, -dišt, -čid) - girl, lass, lassie

ne|l'l' (-än, -id) - four

nel'l'||tošt||kümne (nellän||tošt||kümnen, nellid||tošt||kümnid) - fourteen

nellänz||päiv (-än, -id) - Thursday

nen|a (-an, -oid) - nose

nenaga|ta (-ndeb, -nzi) - to be obstinate, to dig one's heels in

nene - these

nim|i (-en, -id) - name

ninga - like this/that, in such a way, thus, so

ningo|ine (-ižen, -št, -ižid) - such

nit (-un, -uid) - 1. meadow, grassland; 2. hayfield

ni|t' (-tin, -tid) - thread

n'ok (-un, -uid) - beack

nor (-an, -oid) - rope

no|r' (-ren, -rt, -rid) - young

nou|sta (-zeb, -zi) - to get up

nukku|da (-b, -i) - to doze, nod, slumber

nügüd' - now

nägišt|ada (-ab, -i) - to see

nägub - apparently, evidently

nägu|da (-b, -i) - to be discernible/visible

näd (-an, -id) - marten

nä|hta (-geb, -gi) - to see

näu|kta (-gub, -gui) - to mew


oc (-an, -id) - forehead

oige|ta (-ndab, -nzi) - to send

oiged (oiktad, oiktoid) adj  - 1. right; 2. straight

oikti adv - right

oj|a (-an, -id) - brook, rill

okha - let + infinitive (for instance: let him do it)

oks (-an, -id) - branch, bough

olda (om, oli) - to be

om - is (he, she, it)

omb|elta (-leb, -li) - to sew

ongit|ada (-ab, -i) - to fish (for)

openda|i (-jan, -jid) - teacher

ope|ta (-ndab, -nzi) - to teach

orav (-an, -id) - squirrel

ost|ta (-ab, -i) - to buy

ozai|ta (-dab, -ži) - 1. to guess, to solve; 2. to get to, reach

ozoite|z (-sen, -st, -sid) - 1. riddle; 2. enigma, mystery

ozut|ada (-ab, -i) - to show

ot|ta (-ab, -i) - to take


pac|az (-han, -ast, -hid) - post, pole

pad|a (-an, -oid) - pot

pagi|šta (-žeb, -ži) - to speak

pah|a (-an, -oid) - 1. bad; 2. cruel, wicked, vicious, ill-natured; 3. spiteful, malicious

paid (-an, -oid) - shirt

paik (-an, -oid) - shawl, kerchief

pajat|ada (-ab, -i) - to sing

pajo (-n, -id) - song

paka|ine (-ižen, -št, -ižid) - frost

paki|ta (-čeb, -či) - to ask for

paks (-un, -uid) - thick

paku|ine (-ižen, -št, -ižid) - yellow

pal|ada (-ab, -oi) - to burn, to be burning, to be on

pan|da (-eb, -i) - to put

paremba - better

pašt|ta (-ab, -oi) - 1. to bake; 2. to shine

peda|i (-jan, -jid) - pine(-tree)

peit|ta (-ab, -i) - to hide smth.

penz|az (-han, -ast, -hid) - bush

pe|n' (-nen, -n't, -nid) - small, little

per|t' (-tin, -tid) - house, building

pert||ede|z (-sen, -st, -sid) - ante-room, antechamber

pe|sta (-zeb, -zi) - to wash smth.

pez|a (-an, -oid) - nest, den, lair

piču|ine (-ižen, -št, -ižid) - (very) small, little

pidab - it is necessary to...

pid|ada (-ab, -i) - 1. to hold; 2. to keep; 3. to wear, to have on

pigai - soon

pihk (-un, uid) - thicket

pih|l' (-län, -lid) - rowan-tree, mountain ash

pil'v (-en, -id) - cloud

pimed (-an, -oid) adj - dark

pimed adv - dark

pirdi|m (-men, -nt, -mid) - pencil

pirg (-an, -oid) - cake, pie, pasty, tart

pir|ta (-dab, -di) - to draw, to paint

pit'k (-än, -id) - long

pohjo|ine (-ižen, -št) noun - the north

pohjo|ine (-ižen, -št, -ižid) adj - northern

poig (-an, -id) - 1. son; 2. cub, baby-animal, 

poim|da (-ib, -i) - to pick, to gather, to harvest

polhe - postposition about; usage: noun (numeral, adj., pronoun) in Genitive + polhe; minun kirjan polhe about my book

pol|kta (-geb, -gi) - to tread (on)

pordh|ad (-id) - stairs

priha|ine boy

pu (-n, -id) - tree

pudr (-an, -oid) - porridge

puht|az (-han, -ast, -hid) - clean

puzu (-n, -id) - basket

pü (-n, -id) - hazel-grouse

pühk|ta (-ib, -i) - to clean

pühä||päiv (-än, -id) - Sunday

pä (-n, -id) - 1. head; 2. top

päipašt (-on, -oid) - heat of the sun

päiv (-än, -id) - day

päivita|i (-jan, -jid) - smbd on duty

päiv||kodi (-n, -id) - kindergarten

päivä|ine (-ižen, -št, -ižid) - sun

päl - postposition over (static); usage: noun (numeral, adj., pronoun) in Genitive + päl; kuva ripub leden päl the picture hangs over the fireplace

päle - postposition over (in some direction); usage: noun (numeral, adj., pronoun) in Genitive + päle; lendim lendab mecan päle the airplane flies over the forest

päliči - preposition or postposition over, across; in (some time), (some time) later; usage: päliči + noun (numeral, adj., pronoun) in Inessive, or noun (numeral, adj., pronoun) in Inessive + päliči; päliči sildas across the bridge; päliči  kahtes päiväs in two days; vodes päliči  a year later

päst|ta (-ab, -i) - 1. to let out (in); 2. to release; 3. to discharge; 4. to publish; 5. to issue; 6. to eject (a shell...); 7. to dismiss smb., smth., to disband (dissolve) smth.; 8. to undo (one's hair, smth. knitted...)

päz|da (-ub, -ui) - 1. to go out, to leave, to withdraw; 2. to go through; 3. to come down, to go down

pätnič (-an, -id) - Friday

pöl'gästu|da (-b, -i) - to be/feel frightened, to get a fright

pölu|z (-sen, -st, -sid) - pillow

pölv|az (-han, -ast, -hid) - flax

pölü (-n) - dust

pöud (-on, -oid) - field

pövu (-n, -id) - fir coat



rad (-on, -oid) - work, job

rahto|d (-id) - curds, cottage cheese

rahva|z (-han, -ast, -hid) - 1. nation, the people; 2. people

rand (-an, -oid) - 1. shore; 2. edge; 3. land, region

raud|ad (-oid) - scissors

ra|ta (-dab, -doi) - to work

rebit|ada (-ab, -i) - to tear, to rend

reboi (-n, -d) - fox

redu (-n) - dirt

reduka|z (-han, -st, -hid) - dirty

reg|i (-en, -id) - sledge, cart

reig (-un, -uid) - hole

rigehti|da (-b) - to hurry, to be in a hurry

rik|ta (-ob, -oi) - to kill

rindal adv. or postposition near, close by, beside, next to smb., smth.; usage: noun (numeral, adj., pronoun) in Genitive + rindal; tatam seižub rindal my father stands near; hän ištuihe minun rindal he took a seat next to me

rindati - near (one another );  meiden pertid oma rindati our houses stand near one another

rip|ta (-ub, - ui) - to hang

rugi|ž (-hen, -št, -hid) - rye

runo (-n, -id) - poem

rus|ked (-ttan, -ttoid) - red

ruš|täs (-iše, -ihe) - to undress

ruzu (-n, -id) - rag, duster

räk noun heat

räk adj. hot (weather...)



sabut|ada (-ab, -i) - to put out, to extinguish

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